At this moment Payroll Outsourcing has been used by many middle and large companies in Indonesia. With Payroll Outsourcing solution, PT. Mahpati Solusindo is able to give the accuracy in employees’ payroll and HRD activities related.

Why Outsource the Payroll Function?

The payroll and related documentation will be more accurate and complete. Risk for the company can be reduced. Incorrect payroll calculations and incomplete record keeping could potentially result in difficulties for your employees, for the company, or for the company's statutory representative. Confidentially is increased considerably. By outsourcing the payroll function, only a few key people in your organization will be in direct contact with the payroll data. Paying salaries via a special purpose bank account can increase confidentially even further. The service provider represents you in dealings with the social and health insurance agencies and during their monitoring checks. Avoiding issues associated with employing an own payroll accountant, for example training, cover for absence, etc. Additionally there would be no requirement to maintain an in-house payroll software system.

Payroll Outsourcing is one of the service solutions offered to companies who are in need of a payroll solution. Payroll outsourcing is one of the options for companies to reduce costs, to improve quality service and also to give strategic contribution to business and to provide a better information management.


The advantages of using Payroll Outsourcing

  • To reduce the cost on hardware investments, software licenses, etc.
  • Managed by professional and reliable team.
  • To increase the focus of the business.
  • To make sure the completion of Tax compliance and the payment on time.
  • Real Time Management.
  • The ability to create a sophisticated report.
  • Work Flow

    Below are the workflows of our Payroll Outsourcing implementation: