HRIS Management is an integrated software application of recruitment activities, payroll & training. It is particularly useful for various management assessments.

HRIS Management helps deliver actionable information about your people in support of business strategy, while allowing you to work in your preferred technology space, such as Microsoft Outlook, rather than in the actual application.

You gain a full view into all aspects of your workforce, positioning you to make informed decisions that can help maximize the value of you most important asset - your people.


The Advantages of Human Resource Information System

  • Simplified candidate search, registration and profile creation.
  • Flexible sourcing with links to networking tools, job boards, searches, and agencies.
  • Facilitation of all candidate events, such as visual presentation of recruitment & selection activity status, correspondence management, transition activities and tracking of costs.
  • Enhanced on-boarding for all new and existing employees from the time of hire through the performance appraisal process.
  • Requisition management to leverage core human resource data, such as job/position details, compensation structures, and competency requirements by default when you create, approve, and route job requirements.
Goal Management
  • Cascade goals down through the organization.
  • Align goals by classifying them by category and type within the organization.
  • List specific personal activities under each goal, assign weights to goals, and link goals to activities according to priority.
  • View how employees are aligned with organizational goals and what they are doing to achieve their goals.
  • Understand how individual employees are impacting overall success by aligning their goals with business objectives.
Performance Management
  • Helps supervisors manage, develop, and retain their best people.
  • Shows individual performance review status and overall organizational unit scorecard.
  • Allows you to tailor 360-degree appraisals to automatically flow through areas, groups, or positions within the organization you define, according to an unlimited schedule, and assign weights to individual sections of a review.
  • "Always on" listings of target job succession candidates.
  • High-potential designations at successor level.
  • Visual gap analysis of talent profiles.
Compensation and Benefit Management
  • Award compensation increases such as merit or promotion by creating a budget, establishing award guidelines, and making the awarding process simple for management.
  • Perform comprehensive incentive compensation administration, including pay-plan definition, rules automation, eligibility determination, and automated payout functionality.
  • Manage salary structures and step-and-grade progressions to ensure pay equity in the workforce based on current market information.
Learning and Development
  • Role-based training functionality for administrators, instructors, managers, and employees.
  • Employee development plans, which are linked to training and other activities.
  • Automated skill and competency achievement, based on training results.
  • To reduce the cost on hardware investments, software licenses, etc.
  • Managed by professional and reliable team.
  • To increase the focus of the business.
  • To make sure the completion of Tax compliance and the payment on time.
  • Real Time Management.
  • The ability to create a sophisticated report.


General Features of Mahpati’s HRIS Software:

  • User-friendly application.
  • Excellent data security and processing, as all data and information contained requires access and control approvals for editting and costumisations.
  • Data can be export-ed and Import-ed to Microsoft Office format (Excel, word, PDF, HTML), fixed or variable transactions.
  • Easy and simple maintenance with backup and restore data.
  • Multilevel access for extra security.
  • Client server Ms. SQL database.
  • Application is costumisable for some degree in accordance to clients requirements*)


*) NB: Degree of costumisation to be discussed in client-Mahpati pre-project meeting.